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Gail Hansen Lindseth Introduction

Gail Hansen Lindseth Picture
  1. What originally drew your interest to eye care and frames?
    After college I moved to Seattle seeking employment. I was hired by an Optometrist in downtown Seattle as a receptionist. I worked with that Optometrist for 14 years, first in Seattle than in Mtlk. Terrace. I learned a tremendous amount of knowledge of the optical field in the 14 years.
  2. What aspects about previously owning your shop, Optical Reflections, has helped you to be successful in assisting your new patients at Everett?
    I opened Optical Reflections in 1985 with the encouragement from the Optometrist I had worked with. I owned and operated Optical Reflections for 36 years. For a successful practice, I always treated my patients with utmost care and respect. Providing them with the best service, product, and knowledge. This care and knowledge is part of my dedication to providing the same service at Everett Optometry Clinic.
  3. What is your favorite part about being an Optician?
    I enjoy all aspects of being a licensed optician. I strive to provide each patient with the best experience in wearing glasses and/ or contacts lenses. I do my best to ensure each patient has the best fitting frames and best vision possible. And that they can count of me to take care of all their vison needs.
  4. Do you have a favorite frame at Everett? Share with us!
    Great quality frames
  5. Is there a fun fact about yourself that you’d like to share?
    Sense of humor
  6. What are 3 words to best describe yourself?
    Honest, caring and dedicated